Aegean cat

Aegean Cat
Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: Greece
Coat Type: semi-longhaired, thicker at ruff and tail
Color: bi-or tri-colored always with white
Temperament: active, intelligent, communicative

Cat of the Month for February

A Greek native, this cat is their best method of pest control.

What is the origin of the Aegean Cat?

The Aegean cat is a naturally occurring Greek breed that originates from the Cycladic Islands in the Aegean Sea, where it earned its name. Aegeans are the only cat breed native to Greece. Though it has been domesticated for several centuries, development of the breed began in the early 1990s. They are considered a national treasure in Greece. Aegeans are usually found near fishing ports begging food.

What does the Aegean Cat look like?

Aegeans have a muscular build on a long frame. The head is medium size and wide. Ears are wide with rounded tips. The tail is long and straight. The coat is semi-longhaired with no down hairs. Ears are wide at the base ending in rounded tips. Eyes are almond-shaped and any shade of green. Coat colors are bi- or tri-colored, always with white, with or without stripes. Other colors with white can be blue, cream, black or red.

Do Aegean Cats make good pets?

Aegeans are excellent predators and are valued for their ability to keep the rodent population down. They are intelligent, lively, social, communicative and enjoy a good relationship with humans. They happily adjust to apartment living.

Possible Health Issues

No known specific health issues at this time.

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