California Spangled Cat

California Spangled Cat
Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: United States
Coat Type: short, smooth
Color: silver, bronze, gold, red, blue,
brown, black & white, all with spots
Temperament: intelligent, social, curious, devoted

June’s Cat of the Month

Although wild in appearance, this cat is very friendly. It is as loving, playful and social as any domestic cat.

Where does the California Spangled Cat come from?

The California Spangled Cat came about when writer Paul Casey, learning of the predicament of the spotted large cats in Africa (poached for their skins), decided to breed a domestic spotted cat. Using many breeds of domestic cat from several countries, he finally succeeded in 1986 with the California Spangled Cat.

What does the California Spangled Cat look like?

The California Spotted Cat is strong with a tubular body. It has a short spotted coat. Eyes are pale amber to deep copper. The head is medium length with wide cheek bones. The top of each foreleg has a dark band. Colors are silver, bronze, gold, red, blue, brown, black and white. Weight is 8-15 lbs. depending on gender.

Do California Spangled Cats make good pets?

In spite of it wild appearance, the California Spangled Cat is very friendly and social. Its personality is just like that of any domestic cat. It is very intelligent and will train quickly. It is very curious and loving, devoted to its owner.

Where can I get a California Spangled Cat?

The California Spangled Cat is very rare and can only be had by purchasing one. The cost is high. There are breeders in California who will ship the cats anywhere.

Possible Health Issues

A healthy cat with no known hereditary health problems.

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