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Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: United States
Coat Type: short, thick, soft, shiny
Color: orange to brown with dark stripes
Temperament: intelligent, can be taught dog tricks, playful, love water

What is the origin of the Toyger?

The Toyger is a developing breed produced by crossing Domestic Shorthairs with Bengals. It is a designer cat created by Judy Sugden in the late 1980s.

What is the Toyger like?

Toygers are medium-size cats with large bones and long toes. They look like a mini tiger. The eyes are almond-shaped. The muzzle is long and broad with a long nose that widens at the end. The ears are small and round. The tail is long and carried low. The thick, short coat is very soft and shiny. Colors are orange to brown or tan with dark stripes. Paw pads and tail tip are black.

Toygers are highly intelligent and playful. They accept being put in a harness and going for a walk. Toygers will enjoy going in water and can be taught dog-like tricks. They make excellent companions.

Possible Health Issues

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, cleft palate, flattened ribcage.

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