Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: United States
Coat Type: short & long-haired varieties, both curly, soft
Color: all cat colors
Temperament: gentle, very affectionate, intelligent, active

What is the origin of the LaPerm?

The LaPerm is a mutation that came into being in 1982 in the Columbia River area of the U.S. A barn cat giving birth had one bald kitten among the litter. Later this kitten grew soft, curly hair, probably carrying the Rex gene. Named Curly, she eventually gave birth to 5 bald kittens. Owner Linda Koehl later controlled the breeding and developed the LaPerm.

What is the LaPerm like?

There are long and short-haired varieties of LaPerms. Some are born hairless or have short wavy hair. Males are about 9-12 lbs. and females are about 6-8 lbs. The head is a modified wedge with a foreign-type body.

LaPerms have excellent temperaments. They are very gentle and bond closely with their humans. These very affectionate cats enjoy being kissed and will kiss back. They love to be held close. LaPerms will learn to do tricks and seem happy to please their people.

Possible Health Issues

No known health issues at the present time.

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