Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: United States
Coat Type: short-haired
Color: brown ticked tabby, solid black, black grizzled tabby
Temperament: very active, loyal, intelligent, loves people

Cat of the Month for November

The Chausie loves people, children, other pets and has an unusual vocabulary of whines, chirps, barks, howls and so on.

Where is the Chausie from?

The Chausie is an American breed. Chausies were bred from Jungle Cats (Felix Chaus) and a domestic cat, mainly the Abyssinian in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Records of Jungle Cats were first found in ancient Egypt. It is believed that statues of the Egyptian goddess Pasht were modeled after the Jungle Cat.

What does the Chausie look like?

The Chausie is a tall, long, lithe cat. Ears are large. The head is a modified wedge. It has the look of a cougar. Hind legs are slightly longer than front legs. Eyes are moderately oval. The Chausie’s coat is short. Colors are brown ticked tabby, solid black and black grizzled tabby which is unique to the Chausie. Weight is anywhere from 14-22 lbs.

Does the Chausie make a good pet?

The Chausie is a cat that loves to be with people. Chausies are very active, sociable and intelligent. Their curiosity leads them to quickly learn to open doors and cabinets. They bond closely with their humans and are very loyal. They are good with other pets and love to play with other cats. But they need interaction with their humans. The Chausie is not a breed to be left alone all day, every day.

The Chausie voice is very interesting and can differ from cat to cat. They can whine, chirp, bark, make a sound like “brrp” and howl.

Possible Health Issues

There are no known breed specific problems.

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