Chinchilla persian

Chinchilla Persian
Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: Iran (Persia)
Coat Type: silky, long fur with soft undercoat
Color: silver, blue & golden, shaded & chinchilla, with green eyes
Temperament: calm, affectionate, more playful and smart than regular Persians

Cat of the Month for December

Chinchilla Persian is highly intelligent as well as cuddly and affectionate. It’s sweet, peaceful nature makes it difficult to defend itself.

Where does the Chinchilla Persian come from?

The Chinchilla Persian first appeared 100 years ago, at a British cat show, with the champion Silver Lambkin, who was a cross between a black smoke and a silver tabby Persians. His color got so much success that today Chinchillas and shaded Persians are shown under separate Persians categories. In United Kingdom, the Chinchilla is a separate breed. In Europe, the Chinchilla has the characteristics of a separate breed : other colors of Persians usually are peke-faced, but Chinchillas usually display the old, doll-faced type of Persian. It is the most appreciated variety of Persian, and its price can be extremely high for top show cats.

What does the Chinchilla Persian look like?

Chinchilla Persians have silky, long, luxurious fur with a huge neck ruff, a soft undercoat and a plumed tail. Their morphology is cobby, but they are lighter built than other Persians. They are usually much smaller than other Persians, with an average weight of 4 to 7 lbs. The head is round and broad. Legs are thick with large rounded paws. The muzzle is moderately short. Be sure to find a breeder who feels the health of the cat is a top priority, but Chinchillas are usually healthier than other Persians, due to their old type. Small ears are round and set far apart. Eyes are big and round with a typical sweet expression. Coat colors are chinchilla, shaded silver, blue and golden, generally with green or turquoise eyes, but some dark shaded silver individuals display yellow eyes and this variety is called “pewter”. The coat needs daily grooming.

Does the Chinchilla Persian make a good pet?

The Chinchilla Persian shares with other Persians a calm and quiet temperament. Yet it is usually more playful, smarter and active than other varieties. It is an extremely affectionate and cuddly cat which should not be a child’s “toy” or the companion of a powerful big dog, as its very sweet and peaceful nature makes it hard for it to defend itself. As it is healthier, it can go out for a walk even in winter, contrary to other varieties which are extremely fragile and sensitive to cold.

Where can I adopt a Chinchilla Persian?

There are a number of purebred cat rescue organizations online. Here are two: – This organization is in Northern California, but has national listings.

Possible Health Issues

Obesity and any problems that proper nutrition and feeding can prevent.

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