Crating Cats

Cat Crate

The crate is a general term for carriers, kennels or crates. Crates come in different materials and sizes. They can be made of plastic, fiberglass or wire. Some smaller carriers are also made of cloth. The Cat Playpen and 2 and 3 tiered crates are large, tall and airy. There are 2 or 3 platforms for your cat to relax on. The bottoms are roomy enough for a litter box and food and water dishes.

If your cat hasn’t been introduced to a crate, it’s best to go slowly. Don’t force your cat inside as it will only frighten him/her and make it more difficult for crate training. You want the crate to become a safe haven for your cat.

Cats are curious creatures so when you bring the crate home, set it where you and your cat will be most comfortable. Leave the door open. Put some treats close to the opening. Later you can put treats in the crate. Place a favorite toy or blanket. Your cat will soon decide it’s a nice place to be. If you are clicker training your cat, you can use the clicker to invite him/her into the crate while tempting with treats. It won’t be long before you find your cat relaxing in the crate on his/her own.

If your cat is fearful of an old carrier, consider buying a new one. Placing something with his/her scent on it inside and offering treats should help your cat overcome his/her fear.

Crates are handy items and make traveling, moving or veterinary visits easier for your cat and for you.

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