Choosing Brushes and Combs for Dogs and Cats

Brushing Dog

Grooming is a very important part of caring for your pet. Brushing and combing help keep your pet’s skin and coat looking its best all the time. Grooming also helps you discover any small problems before they develop into large ones.

Since dogs and cats have different types of coats, it’s important to choose the correct grooming tool. You can ask your veterinarian, breeder, groomer which brush and comb is proper for your pet’s coat. Here’s some information that can help you.

  • If your dog or cat has very short hair, the easiest tool to use is a special rubber glove.
  • The Zoom rubber brush is good for most coats. It works well wet or dry and massages the skin as well.
  • The Porcupine, which has short and long bristles can be used daily for long and wiry coats to remove debris.
  • Combination brushes have pins on one side and bristles on the other. The pins should be coated so as not to irritate the skin. It can be used for curly, wavy, wiry and long coats.
  • The slicker brush has angled wire pins that are coated. It’s good for long coats and comes sized.
  • All bristle brushes are good for short coats.
  • Some thick heavy coats require hand-plucking as well as using a brush and comb.
  • Some combs have a combination of widely spaced teeth on one half and narrow spaced teeth on the other half. Besides picking up any dead hairs left, they can also be used as flea combs.
  • For very dense, double coats, there is an undercoat rake which removes loose hair quickly and easily.
  • Some de-matting combs have replaceable blades. The blades are very sharp and made to split and remove mats. Be careful not to use them close to the skin as that can cause damage.
  • Shedding combs separate the outer coat and are good for long or thick coats.
  • Flea combs have very narrowly spaced teeth and will work for any pet. Be sure to keep a dish of soapy water close to wash the comb and rid it of any fleas picked up.
  • The Furminator is one of new tools that have replaceable blades and work well on thick coats easily removing loose hairs. There are different ones available for cats and dogs.
  • As with all sharp edged combs or brushes, use carefully so as not to cause pain or damage to sensitive skin.
  • Begin grooming your cat or dog early in its life. Grooming creates a closer bond with your pet who will become accustomed to being touched. It will make a vet visit easier too.

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