Choosing Toys for a Cat

Cat Toys

One of life’s pleasures is watching a playful cat. Their natural curiosity can create toys from just about anything lying around. Playtime also gives cats the opportunity to stop being couch potatoes and get in some much needed exercise.

Toys for cats can be very inexpensive, made by you with things you might discard otherwise.

Cats love hiding in cardboard boxes. And you don’t have to do anything to them, they’re perfect just as they are.

Wad up some paper you’re about to throw away. It can keep a cat busy for hours.

Paper bags are another good one. After playing in one for quite a while, play attacking anyone who would walk by, one of my cats would curl up inside the bag and take a nap.

Take an old sock, preferably a small one, stuff it with catnip, sew it up and you have another homemade toy.

When creating your own toys please keep in mind that there are items that should never be used – string, yarn, rubber bands, elastic, plastic bags, paper clips, any small items that could cause harm to a cat.

There are lots of toys on the market to buy that cats would love. Treat balls can keep a cat busy for a long time. There are doggie ones, but these are cat size – just stuff with your cat’s favorite treat and watch the entertainment.

You can get a ball that talks. Actually it makes sounds that would interest a cat. There are toys that have dangles at the end of a stick for interactive play. Of course lots of catnip toys are available, some in mouse shapes. They can be fun, but once you remove the hazards – eyes, ears, nose and tail, you might as well just make your own. Mylar balls are shiny and crinkly and attractive to a cat.

Shining a flashlight beam on the floor and moving it around creates great play for you and your cat.

There is a toy called the Peek a Prize Toy Box made of wood with holes placed all around. It comes with 3 toys but you can add more or even substitute treats. This toy provides mental stimulation as well as physical movement as the cat tries to remove the toys from the box.

Whatever toys you purchase or make yourself, just be sure they are cat-safe – nothing they can choke on or get caught on or that can hurt them. Then sit back and watch the fun.

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