A Garden for Your Cat

Cat Grass

Cats are true carnivores, but they do enjoy a bit of green now and then.

In the wild, cats get their veggies when eating prey animals. Commercial foods don’t afford them the opportunity to nibble on grass. And grass can help with their digestion and as an aid in removing hairballs.

You can create a lovely garden indoors for your cat. All you have to do is purchase one or two (or more) attractive planters. Choose containers that are heavy enough so they won’t tip over. There are some very pretty ceramic and terracotta containers that will complement your decor. Make sure your cat can easily access the containers.

Purchase several different types of grass seeds. Look for catnip, wheat grass, mixed cat grasses. Try to get seeds that are free of pesticides. Use a good quality potting soil, plant the seeds, water and place the containers in a sunny spot.

Try not to allow the soil to dry out, so check daily. Seeds should sprout pretty quickly.

If you like, you can decorate the containers. But please don’t use objects that your cat could accidentally swallow. You can have a series of containers so that your cat always has greens available.

Or if you choose, some pet stores carry ready-made kits that contain see-through plastic pots, soil and grass seeds with instructions on how to set them up.

Either way or both, your cat will enjoy her own garden.

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