Dogs and Illegal Drugs

Dog on Drugs

Dogs will ingest just about anything, including things that are not good for them.

Marijuana is not a substance you want your dog to get into. The active ingredient in marijuana is Tetrahydrocannibinol (THC). THC is found in the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. Hashish also contains THC and is extracted in the resin of the plant.

While the danger of death is not very common in dogs ingesting marijuana, they can act drunk, stumbling about, can become lethargic and usually vomit. If the vomit is aspirated into the lungs, severe breathing problems occur and lead to death.

While some people, well let’s call them what they are – morons – deliberately feed their dogs marijuana, cocaine is usually ingested or inhaled accidentally by dogs. More than 25mg. per pound of dog’s weight is lethal. Cocaine usually leaves the system 4-6 hours later, but it’s advisable to take your pet to a veterinarian or emergency clinic as lethargy or hyperactivity and seizures can develop.

Treatment is with intravenous fluids and sedatives. There are instances when due to the amount of exposure or how much time before treatment can be given when some pets will not survive.

Exposure of cats and dogs to methamphetamine can cause irregular heart rhythms, high blood pressure, tremors, nervousess, even coma.

Some drug traffickers use animals to carry illegal substances, including heroin and hallucigens, by having the pets ingest them.

Early discovery can save pets’ lives.

Suspect abandoned pets brought to shelters have to be drug tested. They are usually malnourished and show signs of abuse and neglect.

We realize due to the illegal status of these drugs, people are reluctant to take their pets for treatment to a vet. If this is the case, why not ask your vet if he/she will report the incident to the authorities. However, shouldn’t your main concern be for the health of your pet.

While most vets may not report drugs found in pets, why put your pet at risk – or yourself for that matter. Bottom line – these are illegal substances. If you don’t protect yourself, at least protect your pet.

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