Dogs for Your Golden Years

No matter what our age, most of us want the companionship of a dog. As we grow older, our needs change and that includes the type of dog with which we would be best able to share our lives.

When adopting a dog into your family in your golden years, there are some things to think about. Among these considerations are your health, your energy level, your financial status.

Do you have any health issues that would make walking a dog or even picking up a dog, problematic? Consider your energy level and how active you are. Are you financially able to handle any emergencies or care that arise? Do you have relatives or friends who can pitch in and help with a dog if you have a personal emergency? Can you afford to pay someone to walk your dog if you are unable to do so?

A puppy is probably not a good choice as we grow older. They require more frequent vet visits at first and training. With adult dogs, you usually know their temperament and medical history. Most adult dogs are house-trained and know basic commands. Adult dogs have reached their full size, so no surprises there. And you’ll know if you can handle that size.

We strongly recommend checking out shelters and rescue groups. The people involved can give you necessary information on the breeds that interest you. Keep in mind that large dogs and even some smaller breeds may be high energy and think about your physical capabilities. Smaller dogs are easier to lift and carry when necessary.

Some of us are blessed with good health and are fortunate to be active seniors. You know yourself best and what kind of dog suits your lifestyle.

And I’m absolutely sure that whatever your choice, you will be giving a dog a loving home.

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