Cheryl and Angel Oneida

I know my girl sent me a sign today. I was out shoveling snow (1 1/2 of the 8-12 inches we’re getting) so my husband could get into the driveway when he gets home and I looked down and saw something that looked sorta like a spring. I kinda blew it off for a second then something made me stop and find it to see what it really was. It was the paw print tower from my cremains necklace! I know Oneida had a hand (paw) in my finding it in a pile of snow! She knows I would have been totally crushed if I had lost it (it was my Christmas present from my husband and I have her fur in it).

As it was, I was sad losing the chain (it had belonged to my mother) so I thought I would take one more look around and I found the chain in the garage!

PS: My 8-12″ turned out to be up to my waist in some spots. The amount of snowfall totally confirms my belief that Oneida was involved…I’d NEVER have found it again in this much snow!

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