Angel Bella

I had a session with an Animal Communicator during which I told Bella I wanted her to come back. The Animal Communicator said Bella was jumping up and down with excitement and said “I will, I will.”

Last night followed my naturopath’s advice to take epsom salt baths (I’ve been so stressed that my back is out of whack). I was in the bath and had just opened the book I ordered, “Animals and the Afterlife.” I had on an online music program playing on a station called “Spa Sounds”. Most of the songs were just relaxing, ambient music with water sounds. But then I heard a different type of song come on. I thought I recognized the melody. It was an instrumental version.

I checked online. The song was “I Will” by the Beatles. The lyrics just about made me cry…especially the last line which says “I will, I will.” I am also a singer so the part about “your song will fill the air” made me think that there will be a day I see her again and she will hear me singing.

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