Iris and Angel Timo

Angel Timo

It was a dark day for me, July 23, 2009, when my dear beloved friend, Timo, suffering from cancer, asked to go to the Rainbow Bridge.

Everyone told me to look for signs from Timo – she would send pennies in some form. I wasn’t sure I believed it, but a couple of weeks later there was an incident that changed my mind.

My grandchildren were visiting that day and playing in the garden. I have 2 apple trees, but due to my neglect, the apples had fallen from one of them and would rot on the ground. I asked my grandchildren to gather them up and went to search for a sack to put them in. I chose one sack out of the many I keep for trash. Imagine my surprise when I looked in the bottom of the sack and there was a coin! I was so elated, knowing that Timo had sent me a sign – that penny. I love you Timo and will cherish this penny and hold it close forever as a gift from you.

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