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Asian Water Monitor

  The Asian Water Monitor (varanus salvator) is a challenge to keep as pet even for herpers used to handling lizards. Herpers are people involved with reptiles and amphibians. It comes from the word herpetology which is the study of reptiles and amphibians. This lizard’s native habitat is southern Asia from India east to the […]

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Bearded Dragon

What are some facts about the Bearded Dragon? The Bearded Dragon is native to Australia. It is an excellent climber and lives in rocky, arid areas. Heads are large and triangular. Bodies are flat with pointy side ridges. Colors can be light tan to dark brown and highlighted with red, gold or blue. When it […]


Tips For The Proper Care Of Your Bearded Dragon

Should you wish to possess a bearded dragon in your own home, then you need to know a few basic tips that will help take better care of your pet. Bearded dragons are considered to be good pets for most people, even people who have zero previous experience with keeping reptiles. Most families, especially kids […]


Steppe Runner Lizard

Steppe Runner Lizards are friendly little creatures who make good pets even for beginning reptile enthusiasts. Their native habitats are sandy, arid regions of Romania, the Ukraine and Southwestern Russia. A full-grown Steppe Runner Lizard is 6 inches long. While new as a pet, this lizard is believed to live up to 10 years in […]

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Savannah Monitor

What are some facts about the Savannah Monitor and other Monitor Lizards? Monitor Lizards are known to be the most intelligent of reptiles. Their natural habitat is Africa, parts of Southwest Asia to Australia. Savannah Monitors are about 3-4 feet long. They live 10-12 years. The Nile Monitor adult is 7 feet long.The Mangrove and […]

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Green Iguana

What are some facts about the Green Iguana? The Green Iguana is bred in captivity in Central and South America and imported into the U.S. They are also some bred in the U.S. Either make good pets. The Green Iguana is a vibrant shade of green with a long, straight tail. They live over 20 […]

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Giant Day Gecko

Where is the Giant Day Gecko from? The Giant Day Gecko can be found in the subtropical and tropical areas of Madagascar. The humid forests and trees and ground vegetation are to its liking. Adult Day Geckos are 8-11 inches long. Life span is up to 16 years. What is the temperament of the Giant […]

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What do Geckos look like? The wild Leopard Gecko is about 8-10 inches long and is yellow with black spots. They now come in a lot of different colour morphs, and so colours and patterns vary greatly. They don’t have sticky toe pads as other Geckos and therefore live on the ground as they can’t […]

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Blue-Tongued Skink

The Blue-Tongued Skink is found in Northern Australia, Irian Jaya and Southern New Guinea. It lives in forested areas where there is lots of ground cover for them to hide in and hunt in the leaves. They grow up to 2 feet long and live up to 20 years. This Skink is a docile creature, […]

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Contents 1 Do You Really Want an Iguana? Concerns and Considerations 2 Feeding Your Iguana 3 The Iguana’s Aquarium 4 Taming 5 Related Articles Do You Really Want an Iguana? Concerns and Considerations Iguanas have become popular pets recently, especially the green iguana. One reason for this is their low price and another is the […]