What do Geckos look like?

The wild Leopard Gecko is about 8-10 inches long and is yellow with black spots. They now come in a lot of different colour morphs, and so colours and patterns vary greatly. They don’t have sticky toe pads as other Geckos and therefore live on the ground as they can’t climb well. They live about 20 years or more and are the most popular as pets.

The Tokay Gecko is about 12 inches long and blue-grey with bright orange and blue spots. They live 10 years or more.

House Geckos, originally from South America are colored yellowish-tan to greyish white and live 5-10 years. The are 3-5 inches long. Tokays can be aggressive and may bite, so be careful.

How do I care for and feed the Leopard Gecko?

A 20 gallon tank is a good size, especially if you have more than one Gecko. They need place to hide, climb and bask such as branches and plants.Your pet shop can provide you with information and materials to fill the tank. The tank should be kept humid by spraying the plants and temperatures should range from 80-90 degrees F during the day and slightly less at night.

The diet should consist of a variety of small insects including crickets. Adults can be fed every other day. A lot of Geckos will drink water from a shallow dish. Most Geckos lick the wet leaves of plants for water.


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