General Cat Care

What are the best conditions to bring up a cat?

British Shorthair

Cat’s thrive in good climates. The temperature and the humidity should be fair, as cats are sensitive to heat. Cats have sweat glands on their feet, and lick their feet and chest in order to cool down. Longhair cats are more sensitive to the heat. Cats thrive in temperatures between 18~29 degrees with the relative humidity 40%~70%. The most suitable temperature is 20~26 degrees, and the most suitable relative humidity is 50%. If the temperature rises over 36 degrees may affect cat’s appetite, mood, and it becomes more likely for the cat to get sick.

What do cats like to do?

Cats like to play. They don’t need a lot of space, and it is fine to keep a cat in a small apartment. They enjoy climbing and seek out high places. Cats also like sun bathing and like to find a sunny spot to lie down in. Windows are very popular. Make sure to keep windows securely close in order to prevent accidental falls. Cats enjoy playing with toys; choose a variety of toys with different uses and rotate them so your cat won’t get bored.

Cat behavior

Cat are like children and are very curious. Make sure that possible dangers are avoided. Make sure to put away detergents and the like to keep them out of frisky nosed. Also make sure that places where cats can climb are sturdy.

Like all creatures, cats have different moods. When they are happy, cats hold their tails high. They also like rubbing against legs to show affection. Kneading with their nails is very common. When the cats getting angry, they flick their tails furiously back and forth. Sometimes they will growl. When cats are sad, they meow a sad cry. Cats have different cries for when they feel lonely, sad and in pain painful.


Buddy and Leo playing with the loot

Snoopy and his 3 month b-day gift

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