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Dog Friendships

As much as we love our dogs, we do need interaction with other humans. Do dogs feel the same way? Interestingly, many dogs enjoy the company of other dogs and some are even depressed by the lack of companionship with their own kind. The advent of dog parks has allowed dogs lots of time to […]

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Tips to prevent your dog being stolen

Dogs are stolen for different reasons – in order to claim a reward for safe return, to be sold on to buyers who don’t care where their dog came from, and some may be stolen to use as breeding stock. Like car thieves, dog-nappers tend to target specific types of dogs. Fashionable breeds e.g. Chihuahuas […]

Take Your Dog To Work Day
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Take Your Dog to Work Day

June 22nd is Take Your Dog to Work Day. This Pet Sitters International idea has taken hold, encouraging adoption of dogs from shelters and rescues. It’s an opportunity for everyone in the workplace to share their love of their furpals. Of course there may be some places that can’t accommodate dogs. But if your boss […]

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Can I find out what kind of puppy I adopted?

You can ask the people at the place where you adopted the puppy. There are places where you can submit DNA which will tell you what kind of dog it is. You can compare your puppy with others and see if they share the same characteristics. You can ask your veterinarian.

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Dog Shows

The American Kennel Club (AKC) sanctions hundreds of dog shows around the country each weekend. The AKC is a national dog organization that oversees and maintains the registry of purebred dog breeds as well as supervising the showing of these dogs. The American Kennel Club was established in 1884 to promote the study, breeding, exhibiting […]

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Pet Insurance: Trupanion

If you’re researching pet insurance, this is one place you can start to learn all about Trupanion as a pet insurance company. Trupanion began in Canada in 1999 under the name Vetinsurance. Our CEO decided to bring the company down to the US in 2007, but changed the US brand name to Trupanion. Trupanion was […]

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Jasmine the Dog – A True Story of Love

Dr. Ihor Basko, a holistic veterinarian and expert on natural pet care, practicing in Hawaii, said this: “Animals come into our lives as gifts from God, for companionship, to teach us and to heal us. They deserve our very best efforts in caring for them.” This is a true story worthy of retelling, how a […]

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Humans and dogs

Dogs have many roles in human society. Dogs may herd, work, act as guides for the blind and service dogs for disabled people. In many countries, dogs are companions and have been granted the title “Man’s Best the Friend.” There are many breeds of dog, each having different fur colors, builds and personalities. Everyone can […]

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How About Those Mixed Breed Dogs?

Purebred dogs did not spontaneously appear. They evolved with cross matings of different breeds resulting in Mixed Breed Dogs. When dogs are left to roam about unsupervised, the males will eventually find females and they don’t ask if the mate is purebred or not. When people breed dogs, they are looking for certain characteristics. Once […]

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How to Calculate Your Dog’s Age

The old rule that a dog’s age is equivalent to 7 years of human life is not quite accurate. Dogs in their first year age much more quickly than a human child of one year. At one year a dog’s age is similar to that of a human, 15 years old. Different breeds and different […]