Take Your Dog to Work Day

June 22nd is Take Your Dog to Work Day. This Pet Sitters International idea has taken hold, encouraging adoption of dogs from shelters and rescues. It’s an opportunity for everyone in the workplace to share their love of their furpals.

Of course there may be some places that can’t accommodate dogs. But if your boss is willing (and s/he can take a dog to work too) it can be a fun time.


There must be rules governing taking a pet to work. Have a plan beforehand and discuss ideas with co-workers. Your dog should be obedience trained, get along with other dogs and strangers and be reasonably friendly. Of course your dog should be healthy and parasite-free.

Take Your Dog To Work Day

You’ll want to bring a number of supplies with you to make your dog comfortable. Include a water (and if necessary a food) dish, treats, a favorite toy, a blanket to lie on and bags and paper towels for any cleanup.

There are those of us who are lucky enough to have our dogs with us at work all the time. People who work at home or have animal-related jobs or workplaces that allow dogs daily can have their pets with them always. And we appreciate how fortunate we are.

There are many workplaces currently who allow employees to bring their dogs to work on a daily basis.

Google, Amazon, Printing for Less in Montana, Proctor & Gamble’s Pet Care Division all allow dogs in the workplace. Replacements Ltd., the world’s largest supplier of old and new china, crystal and silver encourages its 560 employees to bring their dogs to work. The owner also invites customers who are touring or visiting the facility to bring their pets. There are even agencies that will help you find a job at a pet-friendly place of employment.

It is said that one in 5 businesses are now pet-friendly. Many businesses that allow employees to bring their dogs to work find that the policy boosts morale, relieves stress, improves emotional and physical health, creates better relationships between employees and helps stimulate employee productivity and creativity – all excellent reasons to have your pet with you all the time.

Have a great celebration taking your dog to work with you. Who knows, it could become a requirement.

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