How About Those Mixed Breed Dogs?


Purebred dogs did not spontaneously appear. They evolved with cross matings of different breeds resulting in Mixed Breed Dogs. When dogs are left to roam about unsupervised, the males will eventually find females and they don’t ask if the mate is purebred or not. When people breed dogs, they are looking for certain characteristics. Once achieved, the appearance and disposition of the dog can be determined. With Mixed Breeds, it may be more difficult to know how a puppy will look or act, especially until it is full grown. On the other hand, with Mixed Breeds, you may get the best of all worlds as your dog may inherit the best traits of more than one breed. You have the satisfaction of knowing you saved a dog’s life, and you’ve also helped prevent overpopulation as rescue dogs are spayed or neutered by the shelter before they are put up for adoption. Of course, if you are really interested in knowing what breeds make up your particular pet, DNA testing is now available for dogs. There are Mixed Breed organizations that provide competitive sports and other activities. AMBOR (American Mixed Breed Obedience Registration) is one of these organizations where Mixed Breeds can compete and earn titles in a variety of activities. Check online to locate AMBOR in your area or any other Mixed Breed organizations.

On a personal note, throughout my life I’ve had Mixed Breed Dogs and 2 Purebreds, one a rescue. I found four of my rescue dogs wandering the streets. Shortly after I saved Mazie, a female, she delivered 7 pups, all of which I found good homes for. I had her spayed and she gave me 15 years of love and devotion as have all my doggie companions.

My uncle’s dog is a Mixed-breed dog (Chinese 雜種狗/唐狗). It is male and its coat color is black, so his name is「black-man」.I like this dog because it is very handsome. – BY YYS

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