Cat Breeds Russian Cats

Russian Blue

Vital Statistics: Place of Origin: Russia Coat Type: short, plush, dense Color: Blue with silver tips Temperament: intelligent, quiet, affectionate, sensitive, playful Cat of the Month The Russian Blue’s beautiful dense blue coat with silver tips is soft and silky to the touch. Where does the Russian Blue come from? The Russian Blue, a naturally […]

Cat Breeds Norwegian Cats

Norwegian Forest Cat

Vital Statistics: Place of Origin: Norway Coat Type: long-haired, dense undercoat, water resistant Color: all colors except Siamese type Temperament: highly intelligent, active, loves people Where is the Norwegian Forest Cat from? The Norwegian Forest Cat or Skogkatt meaning forest cat, evolved in the cold forests of Scandinavia 4,000 years ago and is part of […]

American Cats Cat Breeds

Exotic Shorthair

Vital Statistics: Place of Origin: United States Coat Type: all colors of Persian cats Color: all cat colors & patterns Temperament: very affectionate, calm, gentle, good with other pets December’s Cat of the Month Exotic Shorthair has the sweet temperament and looks of the Persian without the long hair. Where are Exotic Shorthairs from? The […]

Cat Breeds Cats from Indonesia


Vital Statistics: Place of Origin: Indonesia Coat Type: long, silky, close to body Color: seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, tabby, tortie or white Temperament: intelligent, very affectionate, playful November’s Cat of the Month This relative of the Siamese is playful and active. With a loving personality, this cat will follow you everywhere. Where does the […]

American Cats Cat Breeds

Domestic Long Hair

Vital Statistics: Place of Origin: United States Coat Type: long haired & short haired Color: all colors & patterns of cat Temperament: lively, loving, independent October’s Cat of the Month A native of America, the Domestic Long Hair is an indoor cat and needs daily brushing of its lush fur. Where do the Domestic Long […]

American Cats Cat Breeds

York Chocolate

Vital Statistics: Place of Origin: United States Coat Type: medium long, smooth, silky Color: chocolate, chocolate with white, lavender or lavender with white Temperament: very affectionate, a lap cat, may be wary of strangers May’s Cat of the Month The York, named after it’s home state of New York, is a cuddly ball of fur […]

American Cats Cat Breeds


Vital Statistics: Place of Origin: United States Coat Type: short, thick, soft, shiny Color: orange to brown with dark stripes Temperament: intelligent, can be taught dog tricks, playful, love water What is the origin of the Toyger? The Toyger is a developing breed produced by crossing Domestic Shorthairs with Bengals. It is a designer cat […]

Canadian Cats Cat Breeds


Vital Statistics: Place of Origin: Canada Coat Type: hairless, soft down on face, ears, paws, tail & back Color: all colors of cats Temperament: affectionate, curious, loves people, good with dogs & other cats Where does the Sphynx come from? The unusual Sphynx first appeared as a hairless kitten in a litter of normal short […]

Cat Breeds


Vital Statistics: Place of Origin: Great Britain Coat Type: soft, dense, bushy tail Color: ticked ruddy, red, silver, blue or lilac Temperament: loving with family, wary of strangers, good with other cats, active, intelligent, playful Where does the Somali come from? Although originally thought to be a mutation, it has been discovered the Somali was […]