Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat
Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: Norway
Coat Type: long-haired, dense undercoat, water resistant
Color: all colors except Siamese type
Temperament: highly intelligent, active, loves people

Where is the Norwegian Forest Cat from?

The Norwegian Forest Cat or Skogkatt meaning forest cat, evolved in the cold forests of Scandinavia 4,000 years ago and is part of Norse mythology and described as a “fairy cat”. There are two groups of Viking gods, Aesies (war and victory) and Vanir (wise and having magical skills). The chariot of Freya, the Vanir god of beauty and love, in her battle against Aesies was pulled by two large Norwegian Forest cats.

What does the Norwegian Forest Cat look like?

The Norwegian Forest Cat has a medium to long body and stout legs. Its head is round with a strong muzzle. Eyes are large and round. Ears are well tufted. The tail is heavily furred and carried high. It has a thick double coat. The woolly undercoat retains body heat while the outer coat is resistant to snow and rain. The body coat is shed almost completely in summer, but returns to all its glory before the winter. It requires only occasional combing, not brushing. Coat colors are all colors except Siamese type.

Does the Norwegian Forest Cat make a good pet?

The Norwegian Forest Cat is highly intelligent. It is a good hunter and agile climber. It loves being outdoors, but I would recommend a safe place. While it is independent, it is also good-natured and loves being with people.

Where can I adopt a Norwegian Forest Cat?

Most purebred organizations can direct you as to where to find adoptable Norwegian Forest Cats. Check with the following:

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