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Do You and Your Cat See Eye to Eye About Toys?

Advice from Crystal the Cat to humans on how to understand what her fellow felines want in their toys. By Crystal the Cat, Advice Columnist, KhD (Kitty has Diploma) in Human Behavior [1] With Help From Laura Palka, Founder of Tiger Cat Creations [2] I get lots of my fellow felines out there writing to […]

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Feeding Your Pets Raw Food

There are many proponents on both sides, pro and con, for feeding your dog and cat raw food. Many pet owners are convinced that raw feeding is better for their pets. And recent pet food recalls have encouraged pet owners to feed raw or home-cooked food to their pets as they can control what goes […]

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Feline Oral Contraceptive

Please read: Update on Feline Contraceptive FeralStat There is, fianlly, a feline oral contraceptive called FERALSTAT on the market. FeralStat has been used in humans since the early 1950s. Veterinarians have prescribed it for skin problems, urinary tract infections and behavioral disorders in cats for more than 30 years. It is simple to administer – […]

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Taming Feral Kittens/Cats

A feral cat is one that has had little or no human contact. Feral cats face all the hazards that accompany living wild outdoors. There were originally abandoned by their families and became what we call strays, to fend for themselves and have learned to mistrust humans. The resulting kittens born into this environment are […]

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Litter boxes

Ace Cat offers several styles of cat litter cabinets. They look like furniture with the litter area not in plain view. There are even cabinets that will hold several types of automatic litter boxes. If your bathroom is too small to hold a litter box conveniently, this is another option worth looking into. Litter […]

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Cat Breeds

Cat breeds differ from each other in coat length and overall look, but don’t vary much in size. The breeds are customarily divided into long hair and short hair breeds. Some of the breeds came into being through natural evolution, while others were cultivated by humans trying to get a specific look. Pedigreed cats are […]

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Famous Kitties

Many cats, the large varieties and pets, have become household names through their appearances in books, movies, TV, commercials. How many of these cats do you recognize? Books and Comic Strips Cat in the Hat Hobbes Pink Panther Puss in Boots The Three Little Kittens Cheshire Cat Tweety Bird Tigger Tom (and Jerry) Milo and […]

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Depression in Cats and Dogs

Signs of depression in your pet can be loss of appetite, refusing to play, losing weight, never leaving your side, sleeping more than usual, withdrawal, even boredom. First have your pet undergo a complete physical examination including blood tests. If illness is ruled out consider reasons your pet may be depressed. Pets can experience grief, […]

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Living with a Lame Pet

If your pet is lame, either temporarily or permanently, you will have to make some changes in its care. Caring for a lame dog Lameness in dogs is very common and can be due to injury or a chronic condition. The first thing to do when you notice this problem is to take your dog […]