Feline Oral Contraceptive

Cat nursing kittens

Please read: Update on Feline Contraceptive FeralStat

There is, fianlly, a feline oral contraceptive called FERALSTAT on the market.

FeralStat has been used in humans since the early 1950s. Veterinarians have prescribed it for skin problems, urinary tract infections and behavioral disorders in cats for more than 30 years.

It is simple to administer – just mix with wet cat food once a week. The minimum effective dose is smaller than a grain of sand. Feed to all cats in the feral colony. While FeralStat is for use in female cats, when male cats, pregnant females and kittens ate at the same food supply, there were no adverse effects reported.

FeralStat was developed with the combined efforts of veterinarians, research pharmacologists, chemists, compounding pharmacists and feral cat caretakers.

In areas where TNR (trap, neuter, release) is not as effective due to the large numbers of feral cats, FeralStat will work to assist in preventing the estrus cycle and therefore, pregnancies. It does not take the place of spay/neuter or TNR programs.

FeralStat is available by prescription only. For more information, call 860-399-0097 or e-mail [email protected]. Include your phone number for follow up.

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