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Litter Box Cabinet

Ace Cat offers several styles of cat litter cabinets. They look like furniture with the litter area not in plain view. There are even cabinets that will hold several types of automatic litter boxes. If your bathroom is too small to hold a litter box conveniently, this is another option worth looking into.

Litter boxes come in different sizes and shapes. There are low ones to help with training kittens. There are round ones, rectangles and squares. Some have covers if your cat likes privacy. Some are automatic making clean up a cinch. The type of litter box your choose can even cause your cat to pee all over the house. There’s a big debate on open versus closed litter boxes you can read more about here. Whichever you decide on your cat will let you know if he’s comfortable with it. Tip – if your cat suddenly decides not to use the litter box, a check-up at the vet is in order. Cats are clean animals and not using the litter box.

Another thing to keep in mind is the size of your cat. If you have a particularly large breed or an overweight cat, you’ll need a larger litter box so that kitty is comfortable and doesn’t have accidents outside the box.

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