Depression in Cats and Dogs

Dog Depression

Signs of depression in your pet can be loss of appetite, refusing to play, losing weight, never leaving your side, sleeping more than usual, withdrawal, even boredom.

First have your pet undergo a complete physical examination including blood tests. If illness is ruled out consider reasons your pet may be depressed. Pets can experience grief, anxiety and depression over the loss of a companion, human or animal. Any changes in their lives and routines can affect them adversely. It’s important to recognize when something is not right with your pet because, as with humans, depression can lead to serious physical ailments.

There are several things you can do to heal your pet. Increased activity, medications, playdates, doggie daycare or getting another pet are some ways that help. I’m in favor of trying the other ways before turning to medications.

There is a natural homeopathic remedy called Ignatia, a tree whose bean extract is used for depression. Ignatia is named for the patron saint of spiritual retreats and exercises. Prozac has also often been prescribed. Before using any remedy, consult your vet. Your vet is the only one who can determine the need and dosage.

When my beloved Rottweiler, Timo began her battle with cancer, her best friend, my German Shepherd, Quanah, started on a downward trend.

When Timo went to the Rainbow Bridge, Quanah became extremely depressed. She picked at her food, only went outdoors to pee or poop and wouldn’t leave my side, following me from room to room.

My vet gave her a clean bill of health which confirmed for me that Quanah was suffering from depression over the loss of Timo.

Two months after Timo passed away, although I was not quite ready, I knew Quanah needed a companion. I adopted a year old female Pit Bull mix from a shelter. When I brought Murphy home, the change in Quanah was quite dramatic. She was pleased with my choice and began to resume her normal activities which included a lot of playtime with Murphy.

While this solution worked for me, you know your pet best and will choose the right remedy.

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