Black Pet Syndrome

Black Rabbiit

It appears the problem of adoption of black pets is not limited to cats and dogs.

We received an e-mail from Marg Mcllree of New Moon Rabbit Rescue telling us that black rabbits are very difficult to re-home.

One theory people have is that it is due to insufficient lighting in shelters, black pets fade into the background. They are not as clearly visible as light-colored pets. However the same difficulties do occur with adoptable animals that are not in shelter situations.

Marg also tells us that rabbits with red eyes do tend to have a more difficult time finding homes as well.

As in our previous article, Black Cat and Dog Syndrome, we ask you to consider adopting these hard to find homes for pets – their personalities and traits are the same as their lighter colored counterparts. Whatever color they are, they deserve a loving forever home and will give back to you years of love and joy.

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