What to Do if You Find an Injured Bird

Injured Bird

The Bird Care & Conservation Society of South Australia provides guidelines on how to treat an injured or distressed bird:


  • Handle the bird carefully, for your sake and his.
  • Take the bird away from possible sources of dangers such as other animals and extreme weather conditions.
  • Provide a warm protected environment for the bird, such as a cardboard box.
  • Remember the bird is in shock.
  • Keep the bird out of reach of children and pets.
  • Call your local animal protection organization.


  • Leave the bird for a long time without seeking help. Immediate action is critical.
  • Try to treat the bird unless you know how.
  • Keep the bird for your children’s amusement.
  • Keep the bird as a pet. Wild animals should be released back into their natural habitat.
  • Automatically assume the bird is a seed-eater. It may need other types of food.
  • Pick up a young bird being taken care of by its parent unless it is in grave danger.

Places such as Hope for Wildlife will accept injured birds.

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