Tomato Anemonefish

Tomato Anemonefish

The Tomato Anemonefish is also known as the tomato clownfish due to its bright orange-red color. It is native to the tropical Western Pacific.

The females are about 5 1/2 in., while the males are smaller. Clownfish and Damsels may be aggressive. It is recommended to keep this fish alone or in mated couples since it can be aggressive, even to other clownfish. The tank should be a minimum of 80 gal. and it is recommended to place this fish in a quarantine tank at first to rid it of saltwater-borne diseases. The Tomato Amnemonefish likes places to hide in, including live rock growth.

This fish should be fed a varied and nutritious diet that includes meaty food types as well as some algae or algae based food. Flake food designed for omnivore fish can be a good base. The Tomato Anemonefish should be fed 2-3 times a day.


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