Fish 6 inches and under

Betta Fish (Siamese Fighters)

The Betta Fish, formerly called the Siamese Fighting Fish, is a freshwater fish. The native khabitat of tkhe Betta are the rice paddies of Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Bettas grow to about 3 inches and normally live 2-4 years in captivity. Since they are tropical fish, Bettas like warm temperatures, 77-86 degrees Fahrenheit. […]

Fish Fish 6 inches and under


Goldfish are interesting pets. They will eventually recognize their owner and can even be handfed. Goldfish are cold water fish, members of the Cyprinid family of cold water fish. They are actually carp and were farmed in China over 1,000 years ago and used for food. Goldfish come in many forms and colors and the […]

Fish Fish 6 inches and under

Dwarf Angelfish

Dwarf Angelfish are native to the coral reefs of the world, where they feed on algae and small plants and animals. Most Dwarf Angelfish live in pairs, although some species are solitary. These fish are classified as hermaphroditic because they are born as females and the dominant fish change sex to become males. Males are […]

Australian Fish Fish Fish 6 inches and under Great Barrier Reef Fish

Golden Forktail

Males are 2.4 in., females are 2.2 in. Anthias, Chromis, Fairy Wrasses, Swalllowtail, Angelfish and Damselfish can be aggressive. Minimum size tank is 26 gal. Found in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. List of Fish Andaman Damselfish Arabian (Orange) Dottyback Asful (Arabian) Angelfish Australian Anemonefish Bandit Angelfish Banggai Cardinalfish Blackcap Gramma Blackedged Swallowtail Blue-green Chromis […]

Fish Fish 6 inches and under

Red Stripe Dwarf Angelfish

The Red Stripe Angelfish is also called the Eibl’s Angelfish, Eibl’s Pygmy Angelfish, Orangelined Angelfish, Blacktail Angelfish, and Eibl’s Dwarf Angel. Its pearlescent body is highlighted with vertical, evenly-spaced orange to red stripes. A brilliant sapphire-blue stripe outlines the black caudal fin. It is found from Sri Lanka to Indonesia and Malaysia in the tropical […]

Fish Fish 6 inches and under

Andaman Damselfish

The Andaman Damselfish is an easy fish to keep. It is found in Thailand and Indonesia. The males grow to 2.4 in., and the females are slightly smaller. Do not keep with other damselfish. Chasing by dwarf angelfish or tangs can cause stress. The minimum tank size is 50 gal. List of Fish Arabian (Orange) […]

Fish Fish 6 inches and under Wrasse

Sharpnosed Possum Wrasse

The Sharpnosed Possum Wrasse is a small fish found in tropical Indo-Pacific. Because of its small size, it is ideal for a small tank. The males are 3 1/8 in., the females slightly smaller. The males are more colorful than the females. These fish do not not do well in a mixed aquarium with aggressive […]

Australian Fish Fish Fish 6 inches and under Red Sea Fish

Valentini Pufferfish

The Valentini Pufferfish is also called the Black Saddle Pufferfish, Blacksaddled Toby, Valentini Toby, or Saddled Toby. It is found in the tropical Indo-Pacific from the Red Sea to Eastern Australian coast. Males are 4.3 in., females about 3 in. Small fish such as Damsels, Tangs and some Wrasses may be troublesome. Tank size is […]

Fish Fish 6 inches and under Wrasse

Carpenter’s Flasher Wrasse

The Carpenter’s Flasher Wrasse is found the the Philippines, Indonesia and other parts of the Western Pacific. It is also known as the Red Fin Flasher Wrasse. Males are 3.1 in., females are 2.5 in. Dottybacks, other Wrasses, Damsels, and Dwarf Angelfish may consider this fish an interloper. The minimum tank size is 46 gal. […]

Fish Fish 6 inches and under Indian Ocean Fish

Leopard Wrasse

Males are 5.9 in., females usually no more than 4 in. This fish should not be kept with overly aggressive fish and should be added before Tangs, Surgeonfish or Damselfish. Minimum tank size is 40 gal. Found in the Eastern Indian Ocean to the Western Pacific Ocean. List of Fish Andaman Damselfish Arabian (Orange) Dottyback […]