Fish Fish 6 inches and under Indian Ocean Fish

Spotband Butterflyfish

The Spotband Butterflyfish is one of the most hardy fish and almost no technical care is needed to maintain it. It is found from the Eastern Indian Ocean to Micronesia. Both males and females measure 4.7 in. While Surgeons and Tangs may react aggressively, this is a peaceful natured fish and should be added before […]

Fish Fish 6 inches and under Indian Ocean Fish

Maldive Anemonefish

The Maldive Anemonefish is also known as the Blackfinned Anemonefish. It is a rusty, orange color with a single white stripe running vertically just behind the eye. It is found in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. This fish is appropriate for experienced aquarists and is fairly expensive, at $25-$50. Females grow up to 4.3 in., […]

Fish Fish 6 inches and under Indian Ocean Fish Wrasse

Maldive Velvet Fairy Wrasse

The Maldive Velvet Fairy Wrasse is also called the Red velvet Wrasse. It is found in the Maldives and islands of the Chagos Archipelago. The front part of its body is red, while the rest is yellow. The colors on the female are more subdued, and the male is brighter. Its color may vary depending […]

Fish Fish 6 inches and under

Pacific Pearlscale Butterflyfish

The Pacific Pearlscale Butterflyfish, found in Indonesia and the Philippines, is named for its pearly iridescent scales. Males and females are 5.5 in. long. Introducing this fish before Surgeons, Wrasses, Tangs and Dwarf Angelfish usually avoids problems. Minimum tank size is 66 gal. This fish is a carnivore and will not eat flake foods. It […]

Fish Fish 6 inches and under Tang

Tomini Bristletooth Tang

The Tomini Bristletooth Tang (also called the Tomini Surgeonfish) is found in Indonesia, Solomon Islands and Palau. As a juvenile, it is tan combined with yellow, blue, and white highlights. As an adult, the tail becomes blue, and the dorsal and anal fins are tipped with a golden-yellow hue. Males and females are both 5.5 […]

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Blue Reef Chromis

The Blue Reef Chromis is a hardy saltwater fish and therefore recommended for beginners. The males 6 in. and the females are smaller. These fish are native to the Caribbean and Western Atlantic. They should be kept in groups of 6, separate from predatory fish. The minimum tank size 120 gal. They eat zooplankton in […]

Fish Fish 6 inches and under

Blackedged Swallowtail

The Blackedged Swallowtail is different from most angelfish in that the males and females have distinct color morphs. They are found throughout the Western tropical Pacific. Males grow up to 6 in., females not more than 4.7 in. Introduce carefully if other species are boisterous as this fish can become very stressed, particularly by tangs […]

Fish Fish 6 inches and under Great Barrier Reef Fish

Golden Angelfish

Males are 4 in., females 3.1 in. This fish is shy and will hide if there are any other busy or aggressive fish in the tank. It can be difficult to get eating at first and will occasionally refuse to eat until it dies. However, once successfully acclimated it is a hardy fish. It is […]

Fish Fish 6 inches and under Great Barrier Reef Fish

Pajama Cardinalfish

The Pajama Cardinalfish is also called the Polka-dot Cardinalfish or Spotted Cardinalfish. It is found in the Western Pacific, Indonesia and the Great Barrier Reef. This is a good beginner fish for someone just starting out with saltwater fish. It is inexpensive, easy to transport and adjusts easily to a new aquarium. Males reach up […]

Fish Fish 6 inches and under Great Barrier Reef Fish

Flame Dottyback

Males and females are both 3 in. This is a shy fish and many species will react adversely to it, especially larger and more boisterous fish. Minimum size tank is 100 gal. Found in Papua New Guinea, the Great Barrier Reef and east to Tonga in the central Pacific. List of Fish Andaman Damselfish Arabian […]