Golden Angelfish

Males are 4 in., females 3.1 in. This fish is shy and will hide if there are any other busy or aggressive fish in the tank. It can be difficult to get eating at first and will occasionally refuse to eat until it dies. However, once successfully acclimated it is a hardy fish. It is best to keep it alone at first, and add non-aggressive fish once it has acclimated. As with most of the pygmy angelfish it may harm stony coral polyps, so keep an eye on corals to see how the fish feel about them.

Golden Angelfish require a tank of at least 60 gal. They are omnivores and eat a varied diet. They should be fed at least twice a day. They are best kept in community aquariums with fish only. The Golden Angelfish is rare and therefore expensive, starting at as much as $130.

This fish is found in Samoa, Indonesia and the Great Barrier Reef.

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