Morris Animal Foundation

The Morris Animal Foundation was established in 1948 by veterinarian Dr. Mark L. Morris Sr., a humanitarian and animal health pioneer. Devoted to animal health and welfare, Dr. Morris was one of the first veterinarians to recognize how diet can control disease.

Buddy, one of the first guide dogs in the U.S., had another first in becoming Dr. Morris’ patient. Morris Frank, national ambassador for Seeing Eye and owner of Buddy sought Dr. Morris’ help for Buddy’s failing kidneys. Dr. Morris and his wife Louise, working in their kitchen, created a special diet that improved Buddy’s health dramatically.

Demand for their special diets became so great that it was impossible to handle on their own. Dr. Morris contacted the Hill Packing Company and formed a partnership. Later Dr. Morris’ creations became known as the first Hill’s Pet Nutrition Prescription Diet. Dr. Morris used the royalties from the sales of the diet to establish the Morris Animal Foundation. The first funds were used to study cat and dog nutrition.

Since the beginning, more than 60 years ago, the Morris Animal Foundation has funded more than 1,700 humane animal health studies including at least 300 health and welfare researches at respected veterinary colleges and zoos. The Morris Animal Foundation also funds about 70 veterinary student scholar projects yearly.

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