Importance of Pre-and Probiotics

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If you’ve had the chore of cleaning up after a pet with diarrhea or vomiting, you would be happy to try something to help your pet. Besides your discomfort, imagine what your pet is feeling – weakness, lethargy, pain, general malaise.

Pre- and Probiotics may be the answer to these digestive upsets and keeping your pet’s system working properly.

Probiotics are friendly live bacteria that aid the digestive system in the absorption of nutrients that the body would otherwise not be able to utilize. They support the immune system, produce vitamins and help protect the body against harmful bacteria that can cause illness.

Prebiotics stimulate the growth of probiotics. They also decrease the growth of harmful bacteria and aid in keeping the digestive tract healthy.

Illness, stressful situations, the ingestion of foreign objects can cause an unwanted reaction in the digestive tract of your pet. Antibiotics, changes in diet, changes in routines, all can cause stress and affect your pet’s digestion.

Many pet food manufacturers have added pre-and probiotics to their foods. But during processing they are destroyed. Manufacturers of high quality pet foods have attempted to add the nutrients after processing. However probiotics which are live microbes do not withstand exposure to long or improper storage or heat and moisture.

There are many pre-and probiotic supplements available. Be sure to choose those of high quality. Before giving your pet a supplement, discuss with your veterinarian which ones fit your pet’s needs and what the dosage should be.

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