Latest News from AVMA shows Increase in Female Vets

Woman Veterinarian

The latest data from The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) shows that for the first time there are now more AVMA members than ever before with a total of 79,432 vets as of December 31, 2009. And for the first time in history, there are more female than male veterinarians! In 2009 female vets (44,802) finally surpassed the total number of male vets (43,196). Up until then, men had traditionally outnumbered women in the profession.

Another interesting change according to the AVMA, is that more veterinarians are seeking board certification as specialists. This trend exemplifies the demand for a higher level of care by pet owners. We have also seen this in the past year as more and more pet owners have turned to all natural remedies and holistic options for treating their pets’ ailments. Many pet owners are willing to go the extra mile for the complete care of their furry friends. Some of the specialties that received the most new graduates include Internal Medicine (2,109), Pathologists (1,592) and Surgeons (1,279). The total active board-certified diplomats for veterinary specialty organizations, as of December 2009, were 9,826. This is more than a 15% increase over those in 2006. Check out all the details on the AVMA website.

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