Kitty Doors/Flaps

Cat Flap

There are many varieties of cat doors/flaps available. You can purchase doors/flaps for windows, sliding glass doors and sliding windows, walls, screens, sash windows and just plain doors. There are electronic doors and magnetic doors. Some are even designed with tunnel sections.

The biggest differences are probably in the locking mechanisms:

  • No lock (these can have the additional disadvantage that they may rattle in the wind
  • “2-way” locking system (that is, locked or unlocked)
  • “4-way” locking system : open, locked, in but not out, out but not in
  • Electronic or magnetic cat flaps that only open for cats wearing a key

The electronic or magnetic cat flaps provide a small object, a key, that fits on your cat’s collar and will allow only the cat wearing it to enter your house. It’s a good idea to have extras in case kitty loses one.

There are different shapes and styles of cat flaps available. When purchasing a cat door, keep in mind the kind of material it’s going to fit in. Some are made specifically for certain types of doors, windows or walls.

You want your cat to fit through the door comfortably, so think about the size of your largest cat.

Flaps differ from doors in that they are usually designed more squarely, have rigid flaps, plastic frames and sometimes come with a 4-way lock. You can purchase replacement parts for most cat flaps/doors. Just be sure to have the correct model number as they are not interchangeable.

If you prefer that your cat not wander off, consider purchasing a cat containment fence. This will allow your cat to enjoy the outdoors in safety.

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