Is Your Town Dog Friendly?

Is your town a dog-friendly town?

Dog Fancy magazine recently held its 6th annual contest to find the 40 top dog-friendly places in the U.S.A. I’m sure you’re all salivating to find out if your town made the list. Here’s a sneak peak at a few cities at the top of the list:

–Carmel, Calif.
–Madison, Wis.
–Benicia, Calif.
–Fort Bragg, Calif.
–Lincoln City, Ore.
–San Diego, Calif.
–Virginia Beach, Va.
–Sioux Falls, S.D.
–Salem, Ore.

To see the entire list of the top 40 cities you’ll have to check out the Sept. issue of Dog Fancy magazine.
That several California cities made the top ten list didn’t surprise our FlexPet users who live in California, as many admit there is an abundance of dog-friendly facilities in the local areas.

“Californians truly love their pets, so it didn’t surprise me one bit to see so many cities and towns make the list,” said Greg Carpano, a FlexPet customer and resident of San Diego. “We have lots of open space for dogs and other pets to run to minimize joint discomfort, and many parks include special facilities where dogs can socialize with one another.”
Many FlexPet dog owners are pleased in that the facilities in California allow their dogs to get plenty of exercise, which is an important element in providing optimal joint health for every dog.

The Dog Fancy DogTown USA contest judged cities on dog parks, license programs, shelter adoption rates, activities and dog-friendly businesses.

There were also a number of additional criteria used to judge local hot spots, such as restaurants that allow dogs, beaches and hiking opportunities for dogs, as well as type of preventative care options available. Also going unnoticed were cities that offered plenty of veterinarian services and holistic support for dogs.

So which city was number one? That top honor goes to Provincetown, Mass., where believe it or not you can actually take your dog whale watching. That’s right, dogs are welcome in nearly every establishment as well as most activities in the city.

Doggonit you can even take your dog to the bank there.

What do you think? Does your city deserve to be one of the top 40 most dog-friendly places to live?

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