Dogs and Cats Allergic to Humans

Cat Sneezing

Dogs and cats can have the same or similar allergies as humans. They can be allergic to insect bites (I have one of those), molds, dust, pollen, food and so on. It isn’t only the flu we share – just as we can be allergic to pets, they can develop allergies to us.

We humans shed particles through our skin and exhalations just as our 4-legged pals do. While we are very close biologically, allergy symptoms in pets are usually found on the skin. In humans, allergic reactions generally involve the respiratory tract.

A human’s allergic reaction to a pet stems from the pet’s dander, saliva and urine and the same happens in pets. Dogs and cats can also be allergic to each other. A pet’s allergy to a human can develop over months or years.

Skin and blood tests are available to determine what allergies your pet may have. Treatment depends on the results of the tests.

You can lower the risk of allergic reactions several ways. Control parasites such as fleas, vacuum several times a week, wash bedding regularly and brush your pet daily to remove dust and pollen.

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