Cleaning Your Critter’s Cage

Gerbil Cage

Cleaning a critter’s cage is not at the top of the list of favorite things to do, but nevertheless it must be done. It’s easier to clean the cage if you set aside a regular time and are prepared with all the necessary supplies.

Some of the things you’ll need are: a litter scooper, trash bags, a cleaner such as vinegar, mild dish soap, or any one that’s animal-safe, a scrubber and/or sponge, rags and paper towels to dry the cage. If you prefer to work with gloves, include them. Keep the supplies together for convenience. You can use just plain hot water making the job easier to scoop up hardened spots.

If you wash the cage in a sink, don’t use the one in the kitchen where you prepare food. Use the sink in the bathroom or garage so that the chances of spreading disease are minimized.

  • Be sure to check the area around the cage for or anywhere your pet might have been and scoop up daily.
  • Clean the food and water dishes with an animal-safe cleaner. Rinse and dry the food dish thoroughly.
  • Clean toys following manufacturer’s directions and replace any broken ones.
  • Change the bedding – I use straw for my gerbil and remove the old daily and replace it with fresh straw.
  • A ferret’s bedding should be washed once or twice a week with a mild laundry detergent without a strong scent.
  • Hard to clean areas – no problem, spray with cleaner and let sit for a while. The mess will be easier to wipe up.

If you clean your pet’s cage regularly, you’ll eliminate odors. Your pets enjoy a clean cage and you’ll be happier too.

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