K9 German Shepherd

Your Vote Counts – American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards

Sgt. Combs and 9 year old German Shepherd K9 Maxx have been working together for the last 7 1/2 years. Sgt Combs spends more time with Maxx then he does with his family. Maxx goes wherever he goes including vacations when permitted. He has been a great asset to the Village of Wauconda as well as the surrounding police agencies in Northern Illinois .

Maxx is trained for a variety of tasks. This includes narcotics detection, tracking, area searches, article searches, handler protection and suspect apprehension. He has assisted in finding lost children, fleeing suspects, finding large and small amounts of narcotics in vehicles, planes and buildings. Maxx has located articles to include weapons, money hidden by fleeing suspects and numerous other things. They have assisted local SWAT teams on perimeters and searching buildings for suspects. They also regularly work with undercover narcotics teams in the Northern Illinois area. Maxx’s mere presence has helped deescalate many volatile situations without anyone having to get hurt. Sgt. Combs and K9 Maxx have come in first place 3 times in the annual K9 Olympics. The K9 Olympics test the Officer and K9 in every facet in which they are trained. Maxx can open his own car door and climb ladders. One other great thing about Maxx is his dedication to his family.

Sgt. Combs and K9 Maxx are dedicated to the Village of Wauconda and surrounding communities and that is why I would like them to be considered for the award. Click here to vote for Maxx.

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