Hermann’s Tortoise

Hermann's Tortoise

Hermann’s Tortoise, testudo hermanni, comes from Southern Europe and is sometimes called a Mediterranean tortoise. They are relatively small, at about 6-8 inches with a life span of up to at least 75 years.

Should you choose one as a pet there are some things to consider for its care. They are quite active and like to burrow, so they should be kept in an escape-proof habitat measuring about 4 feet by 2 feet to allow it room for movement.

Your habitat should be equipped with a warm light of about 90 degrees Fahrenheit so he can bask and a fluorescent light that emits UVB to help with calcium absorption. There should also be a dim area that is cooler as he may choose to go between basking and cooling off. These tortoises like to move in and out of the warmth throughout the day. There should also be a basin of water so he has constant access to drinking water, but it should be shallow enough to allow him to soak. The bottom of the tank can be lined with a soil and sand mixture.

In the wild they will eat insects and slugs, but his diet should consist of leafy greens and grasses. You can also include other vegetables and fruits. Never feed your tortoise cat or dog food.

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