FOA-Grassroots Movement to Save Wolves


Friends of Animals reports that there is a grassroots movement of conservation organizations to sue the Federal Government’s United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Game and Fish Department for removing gray wolves from the federal threatened and endangered species list in Wyoming.

Because such a large number of wolves were killed since the de-listing, the Game and Fish Department was forced to close 4 wolf-hunting zones.

Conservation organizations in Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Connecticut, Idaho and Rhode Island are taking part in the suit.

While the complainants – cattle and sheep ranchers – claim that wolves kill great numbers of their stock, data proves otherwise. Less than 1% of cattle and sheep are lost to predators.

The destruction of the wolf population leads to an imbalance in our ecosystems. It effects not only the wolf families, leaving their cubs to starve, but tourism – people visiting to view the wolves and their habitat – will have an affect on the economy. Tourism has become a major industry in Wyoming largely due to the wolves.

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