A Different Kind of Abuse

We all have preferences about what kind of dog we like. And there are so many breed types to choose from including hair length and all shapes and sizes. But how did these dogs (and other pets) develop? The ancestors of modern dog breeds certainly didn’t look the same.

We know that breeds were developed to be better able to perform their natural jobs. However, was it really necessary to set standard looks that cause discomfort and sometimes severe health problems in our furpals.

The list of illnesses, diseases and injuries caused by changes in looks is lengthy and includes heart problems, joint and back problems, breathing difficulties, dental issues, skin problems, eye abnormalities and much more. This abuse is not limited to dogs but also cats and racehorses suffer similar torment.

The conclusions drawn by researchers and pet owners are that changes made and standards set for the look of a breed has not improved that breed. To the contrary, the changes and standards set have caused more suffering for our 4-legged friends.

Those of us who have witnessed our dear friends paying the price in pain, suffering and illnesses due to what is considered by some to be “better looks” answer with a resounding STOP THESE ABUSES! Bring back the originals.

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