Farm Animals as Pets


Keeping farm animals as pets can be fun and rewarding, but before you make a decide to add a farm animal to your family, there are some things to consider:

  • It is important to learn how to handle and care for these animals before bringing one home. Information is available from breed clubs or societies, experienced owners and training courses.
  • You need to have sufficient land, fencing and shelter to keep a farm animal.
  • Most farm animals need to live in groups, so you should keep at least two.
  • There are strict laws regarding keeping and transport of farm animals. Investigate the laws in your area. You may need a special permit or you may not be allowed to keep farm animals at all.
  • Check with your neighbors to make sure they have no objections to your proposed pet.
  • Cattle and pigs require a lot of knowledge, land and equipment and are not for the amateur.
  • Fewer and fewer vets are working with large animals. Check that there is a vet in your area who treats farm animals.

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