Endangered Species

Scarlet Macaws

Many animal species around the world are in danger of extinction. Some of the reasons that this is happening are:

  • Loss of habitat – Human technology and urbanization are taking over land that used to belong to the animals. Pollution and changes in global climate caused by human intervention are destroying habitats.
  • Introduction of exotic species – People have brought animal species from one environment and transplanted them in another. The new species may prey on the existing ones and wreak havoc on the ecosystem.
  • Disease – Domestic animals have transmitted disease to wild animals. Not having confronted these diseases before, the wild species are unable to protect themselves.
  • Over-exploitation – Over-collection of species in the wild for food, fur, medicines, etc. In addition, unscrupulous people capture animals in the wild and sell them as pets. When buying a more exotic pet make sure you are not contributing to the extinction of the species.

List of endangered species:

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