Egyptian Jirds

Cleo the Egyptian Jird

The Egyptian Jird is found in Northern Africa and Israel. It’s different from others in the gerbil species in several ways. This Jird is larger, 9.5 inches from nose to tail tip, the head is more pointed and ears are smaller. Color is a reddish brown agouti. Tails are almost furless, bellies are white. Life span is close to 2 years.

A large aquarium with a secure mesh cover is a good home for the Egyptian Jird. In the wild they live in sandy areas, so provide some sand in the tank. You can add a nesting box, cardboard tubes and untreated pieces of wood.

Your pet food supplier will have appropriate food for your Jird. They like to hoard their food so when cleaning the cage you might find a store of food.

They are social creatures and can be kept together in the same tank. They have a rather shy personality.


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