Siberian Chipmunk

Siberian Chipmunk

Siberian Chipmunks can be found from Central Russia to China, Korea and Northern Japan. They have also been found in Eastern and Central Europe having escaped captivity. The Siberian Chipmunk is the only one of the genus outside of North America.

Length is 18-25 cm., 2/3 of it body and 1/3 tail. Life span is 6-10 years although in the wild, as prey animals, they usually don’t survive that long. They feed on berries, mushrooms, bushes, birds and small animals.

People do keep them as pets and they can be somewhat tamed. In captivity, diet consists of pellets, nuts, fruits and veggies. They require a large, escape-proof cage where they have room to climb.

Some do bite and are difficult to tame, but many make happy companions provided the owner can properly care for them and that they take the time to tame them properly.


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