Corncobs and Other Foreign Bodies

Dogs Eating Corn

Summer is barbeque and picnic time and a favorite all-American treat is corn on the cob – good for us, but can be deadly for our dogs.

Dogs love the crunchiness of corncobs and if some melted butter remains, so much the better. But corncobs don’t chew up easily and large chunks can be swallowed, causing a blockage in the intestinal tract and an emergency trip to your veterinarian.

Chicken and steak are other favorite cookout foods. But bones from these foods can be lethal to a dog, causing choking and obstructions. And another trip to the ER.

Children enjoy BBQs and picnics too and usually bring toys and balls to play with. Help your children choose toys without strings and removable parts and balls large enough so the family dog can’t swallow them. A large ball or a frisbee can be fun for all.

If your dog does accidentally swallow something s/he shouldn’t, here’s what to look for – vomiting, excessive drooling, no appetite, diarrhea or discolored feces. If your dog exhibits any of these signs, take him/her immediately to your vet or nearest animal emergency room.

Treatment will include x-rays and blood tests. Your vet may recommend intravenous fluids prior to further treatments if your dog i dehydrated. Then your vet may advise an endoscopy (a flexible tube with a camera attached) which can see and possibly remove the object. If this is not possible, surgery is the other option to save the dog’s life.

To avoid these serious problems, when having a BBQ or on a picnic or even cooking indoors, please be sure that corncobs, bones and any other objects that can harm the dog are collected and securely placed out of the dog’s reach.

Make summer cookouts lots of fun with no mishaps for anyone, including your furpals.

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