Dogs and Mud Puddles

Dogs Mud

We all love our dogs and spring. But spring is also a time when the ground thaws out and makes mudpuddles. And in this case, your dog can drink from them. Besides being unsightly, it could also lead to illness. But there are ways to prevent it, notably:

  • Give the dog a drink before you go to reduce the possibility of thirst along the way.
  • Always keep a bottle of water and a dish to give the dog a drink if he/she feels thirsty.
  • If you feel your dog wanting to go to a mud puddle, go and pour some of the water in the bottle into the bowl. This should fix the problem of being thirsty.

Note that on camping trips, you may not want to carry enough water for the entire trip for your dog. Normally, the water from clear, fast streams is fine. If you’re doubtful, carry a filter to filter your pooch’s water before he or she drinks it. If you wouldn’t drink it, it’s probably better for your dog not to drink the water either. In general, filter slow-moving river or lake water (make sure it isn’t polluted) before giving it to the dog to reduce the likelihood of it getting diseases.

If there is a sign to boil all water before drinking it, do so for your dog as well as yourself. This will ensure that your dog is safe from dirty, unsafe water.
Dogs may also want to roll in mud puddles, but not drink from them. You can discourage that by telling him “No!” when he/she does that. If you didn’t catch the dog fast enough, you will have to go to a self server dog wash station in a dog park, bathe him in a river or stream, or wash the dog down at home.

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